Power Politics reveals that pretty much everything we have been told about energy just isn’t true...

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Why the EU's Airline Tax Won't Fly

My article published at Energy Tribune (click to read in full), Canada Free Press and Junk Science.


Why De-nuking Iran Won't Mean WW3 - or An Oil Crisis

Just published here at the British site 'The Commentator' (my first for them) article as titled above. Here's a taster:

It’s an assertion that trips glibly off the tongue of politicians, academics and media pundits. An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would, they keep telling us, lead to a conflagration across the Middle East, even World War III. So relentlessly is this apocalyptic warning run in the Western media that it has become “received wisdom” more broadly. But it’s an assertion that runs counter to the actual facts. And here’s why.

Iran’s Shia Mullahocracy is not only considered a menacing threat by Israel, Tehran’s nuclear ambitions also scare the living daylights out of its regional Sunni Arab neighbours; not one of whom would rally to Iran’s cause in the event of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, even by Israel.

Neither does OPEC – which an Iranian hardliner currently chairs – possess the global oil power play clout it once did.


Telegraph Columnist Delingpole Recommends 'Power Politics' 

My thanks to Daily Telegraph columnist James Delingpole for his recommendation to George Osborne after his Budget speech of my book 'Power Politics' (see link to the book on this website). He said the following: 

It really, really, really isn't difficult explaining why renewables are a disaster area and why shale gas and nuclear are our only hope of keeping the lights on and the economy alive. If Osborne needs a few tips may I recommend an excellent book. No, not Watermelons – though obviously I highly recommend that one too. I mean Power Politics by Michael J Economides and Peter C Glover. A good starting point might be the section headed Ten Fracking Things Everyone Should Know. And then maybe The Myth of Viable, Industrial-Scale Renewable Energy.

What perception! What cajones! I can only agree! In all humility and modesty, of course...Here's the full column.


Iran and the Oil Scarcity Myth

The received wisdom in th emedia is that an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities will ignote both a 'conflagration across the Middle East' and create a global oil shortage. WRONG ... on both counts - and here we explain why...

Go here for the full article.


The Royal Society's Climate of Anti-Science

My article showing how low the Royal Society has sunk in its intellectual concern for real, empirical science. Go here for the full article. Here's a taster:

As a former president of the Royal Society (1703-27) Sir Isaac Newton would be appalled by the de facto rejection of the Society’s 300-year guiding philosophical principle: “never to give their opinion as a Body upon any subject either of Nature or Art that comes before them” (1). Newton understood well that to deal in the “dull certainties” of a politicized consensus is always ruinous to the cause of empirical science. And so it is proving at the once noble Royal Society; its reputation increasingly dashed on the hard to negotiate rocks of climate science.

The evidence for the abandonment of the Society’s core tenet of faith is compellingly presented in Andrew Montford’s recent hard-hitting report, ‘Nullius in Verba (On the Word of No One): The Royal Society and Climate Change’. As leading climate scientist Richard Lindzen(2) observes in the introduction, the report delivers an “unembellished chronology of the perversion not only of the Royal Society but of science itself.” No small accusation given the influence the Royal Society continues to wield with the UK Government – not to mention the UN IPCC.



Power Politics: The Inside Track on Energy (The World's Most Important Resource)

The latest book (as above) by myself and Professor Michael J.  Economides is now available in e-book format at the Amazon Kindle Bookstore in the UK and US - and at ridiculously low prices!!

(Availability on other electronic formats to follow soon.)

And here's what to expect: 

Power Politics delivers the inside track on energy in a series of hard-hitting, fact-filled, insightful articles. Power Politics reveals that pretty much everything we have been told about energy just isn’t true. The book shows:

· The oil and gas isn’t running out
· The renewable energy revolution is already faltering
· Green-ism is a threat to democracy 
· Why the ‘fracking’ controversy matters, and
· Where energy security needs are creating international conflict ‘hot-spots’
· and much more

Whether you are an energy insider or someone who just wants to better informed on how the geopolitics of energy is affecting all our lives, Power Politics is for you.

So what are you waiting for?? Go clued and get the inside track!!


Fuelling the Rise of the Anglosphere

My article above just published at Energy Tribune. For the full article go here. Here's a taster:

Clearly, there is a gulf of difference between how leading Anglosphere economies are handling the unexpected new hydrocarbon revolution on their doorsteps and how they are being handled by more ideological, less pragmatic, EU-strait-jacketed, European states.

 According to James Bennett:

 The Anglosphere is more than the sum of all persons who have learned the English language. To be part of the Anglosphere implies the sharing of fundamental customs and values; rule of law; honoring of covenants; in general, high trust characteristics described by Francis Fukuyama in Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity ... The Anglosphere shares a narrative in which Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, trial by jury, “innocent until proven guilty” and “a man’s word is his bond” are common themes.

The cultural ideals listed for the Anglosphere are the antithesis of many of those experienced under European-style socialism. Clearly, demographic trends show that people increasingly want to live where greater personal freedoms are guaranteed. Equally business investment flourishes where free market capitalism, not ideological government writ, still calls the shots.

If the noble ideals Bennett identifies are fuelling the Anglosphere’s increasing per capita wealth, early investment in new domestic energy development will only mean one thing: more power to it.


North Sea Oil and Gas Just Won't Quit

For the full article go here

Greek Debt Crisis Exposes Green Subsidies Scam

My latest article published at Canada Free Press and here at  Energy Tribune

Time, Newsweek Bury Keystone

Just published at Energy Tribune, the Houston Chronicle (Fuel Fix) and at Canada Free Press the above article revealing Time and Newsweek's' PR work' for the president in the upcoming election race. For the full article go here


Super-fracking & the Next Shale Gale 

Just published, this should frighten the "environmental Taliban"....go here for the full article. 


The Covert 'War' In Iran

The story behind the recent spate of killings and bombings targeting high-profile targets and energy infrastructure in Iran. Go here


Europe's Doomed Flight of Decarbonizing Fancy

The EU's latest green airline tax scheme is doomed to failure. The U.S., China and others are already working out the best way of hitting Europe for six with a trade war - the EU having, effectively, fired the first shot.
Here's my latest piece, just published, revealing the height of EU stupidity here - at around 30,000 feet, I'd say. 

A Shale-fuelled Economic Miracle for 2012

Published here at EnergyTtribune (and re-published at the US Energy Institute and British Global Policy Warming Foundation sites) over the past couple of article showing the prospectiv economic miracle at out fingertips...once we re-prioritise a realistic energy strategy centred on hydrocarbons.

Transforming our economic outlook wil, however, require a more realistic political vision - and ignoring the Planet Unreality nitwits at Greenpeace et al.


Lies, Damned Lies and Enviro-Fraud

Enviro-nuts are getting desperate - as this article reveals. Go here for the full article. And here's a excerpt:

The French philosopher Jacques Ellul, in his definitive book on the subject, warned, “The propagandist uses a keyboard and composes a symphony”(1). When it comes to the shameful culture of enviro-spinning it seems they have adopted the art of sleight-of-hand and illusion, too.

 The Economist laments that the public has “fallen out of love with environmentalism”. But the ‘magic’ has a habit of wearing off when we discover sanctimonious zealots are feeding us a diet of “smoke, mirrors and bullshi


The 12 Days of Durban (a Christmas Lament)

Just published at Energy Tribune and Canada Free Press my article/lament as above. For those who just want the ditty ...

On the first day of Doomsville, alarmists gave to me…

12 Days in Durban

11 Journos hyping

10 Temps-not-Leaping

9 Mann’s-a-Dancing

8 Economies-busting

7 Seas-not-rising

6 Carbon-phobias

5 thousand e-mailed things!

4 Absurd reports

3 Skeptic ‘birds’

2 Climate-gates

And a message entirely fact-free!


Occupying Durban: The Greatest Sham on Earth

Just published at Energy Tribune (US), Canada Free Press and the Global Warming Policy Foundation (UK) my article on the climate circus roadshow that has just hit Durban.

Here's a taster:

As the latest UN IPCC climate narrative is staged in Durban, an adapted Macbeth soliloquy offers its own summary: “A tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


Emission Controls: The Exodus Begins

The ludicrous war on CO2 is already starting to drive out national industries. See the above named article just published at Energy Tribune here for more. But here's a taster:

A plague of profit-busting climate policies is indeed sending a “clear signal” to energy-intensive industries: divest yourself of assets, shed jobs – or just plain ship out. Cocooned in ideological green protectionism, however, don’t expect Hedegaard and Huhne to “get” it.


Fracking & Quakes: Not a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On


Just published my piece explaining why fracking and shale gas is so massively beneficial compared to the tiny (and vastly overplayed - by the media) eco-concerns. For the full article go here.

Here's a taster:

There’s not a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on due to shale gas fracking – official. Except, that is, in the global energy markets. But the ‘whatever-it-is-I’m-against-it’ Marxist (Groucho, that is) eco-activists, together with the constant alarmists in the media, persist in attempting to send tremors through public opinion over shale gas extraction.

So why the fracking fuss?


Israel-Iran: Reaching Critical Mass?

A new IAEA report on Iran's nuclear development progress tomorrow could prove the ultimate trigger for Israel to attack Iran's facilities - with Obama's backing or not. But if you thought World War III/conflagration across the Middle East would be the consequence of such an attack, you'd be quite wrong.

For the full article go here.

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