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Climate Consensus? What Climate Consensus?

My latest published here at Energy Tribune.


UK Shale Numbers Could Be Stratospheric


Great news for the UK energy user and for the economy - just not for the green medievalists...published first here at The Comentator (UK) then here at Energy Tribune.


Global Warming Just Isn't Happening: Official

Two decades of no warming...and that's official. But when will 'popular science' (and the dull-witted media and politicos) get the message?

For the full article go here to The Commentator (UK) or here to Energy Tribune (US).


Green hypocrisy as Al Gore Sells Out for Petro-dollars

Just published at Energy Tribune my article spelling out the latest green hypocrisy from Al 'Do-as-I-say-not-as-do' Gore.

Here's a taster:

The fact is, Al Jazeera is funded by the oil-rich Qatari government and has long been considered a tool for the oil-rich monarchy which heavily subsidizes fuel prices. Qatari drivers only pay around $1 per gallon at the pump. Which helps to explain why, as I pointed out in Kyoto: The Last Rites, in the league of the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emitters, Qatar ranks no 1 in the world.

So if you, as a strongly committed green idealist, were reviewing the offer you could only conclude that Al Jazeera would fit the bill for an ‘unfit prospective buyer’. Not so Al Gore. According to the New York Times which first broke the story, Gore and his colleague’s wanted the deal pushed through before January 1, 2013 to avoid being hit with higher taxes. The same higher tax regime that Gore and his Democratic Party backed to ensure the rich would pay their “fair share”. For Gore, personally pocketing $20 million in greenbacks clearly trumps planet-saving hair-shirtism.

For the full article go here.


UK's New Year Shale Gas Resolution

The enormous ben

The massive benefit of the UK developing its doemstic shale gas reserves is good news - if the government doesn't over-regulate and screw it up. For the full article at Energy Tribune go here.


David Cameron Must Sack Energy Secretary Ed Davey - and soon

My latest article spelling out who "we're all in this together" apparently doesn't apply when it comes to imposing a raft of new green energy levies.

For the full article go to Energy Tribune (US) or to The Commentator (UK).


Greenpeace-WWF Wind Claims Blown Away

John McCarthy once said, "He who refuses to do the arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense". Or become politicised tin-shakers pushing absurd "independent economic analysis" it seems.

The above is a quote from my article published this week debunking the latest Greenpeace-WWF propaganda - a report that claims the UK economy would benefit from windfarms more than from its domestic gas resources (inlcuding its world class shale gas reserves) by 2020.

Knowing the real energy facts and data, I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this one.

For the full article go here to The Commentator.


UK energy bill reforms triple green subsidies

To see how the new UK energy bill is bumping up UK energy bills by tripling green subsidies (among other things) go here to Energy Tribune for the full published article.


Iran's Gazan Proxy War

Evidence for how Iran is pulling all the ocnflict strings on Israel's borders - and is using Palestinian Hamas as its regional pawn in pursuit of its nuclear my latest article. Go here to Energy Tribune.


Obama's Energy Mandate: More Oil and Gas

Obama’s Energy Mandate: More Oil and Gas

So much for the democratic mandate of the well-heeled environmental lobbies...the President's election mandate, it turns out, is (strong cross-party support) for more domestic oil and gas.

For the full published article go here to Energy Tribune


The Next Oil Revolution

Along with a few others who have swum against the tide of media ignorance, I have been saying for years how the peak oil (we're running out of oil) alarmists were dead wrong. Now everyone knows they were. Here's a piece from me just published spelling it out further.

For the full article above go here to Energy Tribune.


The EPA's Dirty BIG Secrets

Just published at Energy Tribune my article spelling out why the US Government's unlected quango (aquasi-non-government-organization) is thoroughly "unfit for purpose".

For teh full article go here.


Obamanomics, Solyndra and Crony Capitalism


Just published the above article from me here at Energy Tribune. Here's a taster (and for the full article go here):

If ever there were a poster child for government ineptitude in picking winners and losers in the marketplace it’s the Solyndra scandal. Perceived by some as ‘yesterday’s story’, Solyndra is still very much news – a self-inflicted wound for the administration and a running sore for US taxpayers. Right now the IRS is fighting a courtroom battle to prevent Solyndra investors from misusing the bankruptcy laws to further sting US taxpayers.

But that’s only half of it. In an equally desperate bid to blame competitors for their failed business model, Solyndra’s backers have also lodged an unfair trading practices lawsuit against Chinese solar panel-makers.  Meanwhile, a whole raft of potential ‘Solyndras’ still await receipt of their own government’s largesse as part of the administration’s ‘green deal’. And if anyone wants to know what all that means in practice a snapshot of the Nevada energy market provides it.


Fracking Goes to Hollywood

Just published at Energy Tribune my article showing the hypocrisy of Damon and the anti-fracking Hollywood elite when it comes to shale gas development.

For the full article go here.


US Shale's Seismic Success Shakes Kremlin

My latest just published here at The Commentator. Here's a taster:

The seismic tremors of the US shale gas boom are not only rattling the Kremlin’s confidence in the future of Russia’s energy empire, but they could prove fatal to the country’s gas giant, Gazprom.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, with the formerly “unthinkable” scenario of U.S. energy independence becoming a serious proposition, “Russia could be the big loser”. Official EU energy policy has long been to wean the continent off its ‘addiction’ to imported Russian gas – and the political leverage this offers Moscow.


Kyoto: The Last Rites

The above article from me published during the last week. For the full article go here or here. And here's a taster:

It’s uniquely appropriate that November’s UN Climate Summit – the last before the Kyoto Protocol formally expires on December 31st – is taking place in Doha. In the league of the world’s highest per-capita greenhouse gas emitters, Qatar currently ranks at the very top. Where better than the Qatari capital to perform the last rites over the Kyoto Protocol?

Not that that’s how November’s talks will be sold, you understand. In typical UN double-speak, the Climate Summit secretariat will fashion a form of words suggesting that the Kyoto process is alive and well and merely moving into a ‘new phase’. So why do the terms ‘flogging’ and ‘dead horse’ come to mind?


EU Reports Should Green-light Shale Revolution (and red-light irrational Green rhetoric)

Once again Europe has been shooting itself in the foot putting every regulatory obstacle  in the way of the economy boost many EU states could get from the shale gas bonanza under their feet.Now three of the EU's own reports should change that ... but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Published here at Energy Tribune today and here at The Commentator (UK) yesterday.


Solar eclipsed?

The above article from me published today here at Energy Tribune (US) and here The Commentator (UK). Here's a taster:

What marks out both the entire renewable energy sector for economic decline above all else is the fact that it is effectively an expensive government-sponsored enterprise, not a child of the free and democratic marketplace. Consider again the elements colluding to produce the current crisis: the lifeline of public subsidy, energy levies and taxes and market-skewing regulation dove-tailing with incentivized over-capacity, protectionism and, ultimately, trade wars. All marks of an industry kept afloat by ideological fiat and not free market capitalism geared to meeting actual market need.

To gain a final key perspective, a report by United Nations Environment Programme in June announced that global renewable energy investment generally reached $257 billion in 2011 rivalling the $302 billion invested in hydrocarbon power. Germany alone has committed over €100 billion in solar subsidies over the next 20 years – for a power that will produce a very small energy return. In total, renewable energy, of which solar is just a tiny fraction, makes up just 3 percent of our electricity.

As the green utopian clouds obscuring the real cost of ‘free’ solar power clear, it’s easy to see why the industry is in eclipse.


Mark Steyn v Michael Mann: Nice cartoon


A nice cartoon drawn specifically for my article The Climate Change Racket: Finally A 'Day in Court'? published today here over The Commentator (UK).


The Climate Change Racket: Finally, a 'Day in Court'?

Michael Mann wants to sue Mark Steyn over thr latter's claim that his climate change hockey stick graph was 'fraudulent' (which it was of course). Good luck with that, Michael.

Here's the full story at Energy Tribune.