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British conservative leader Cameron recruits Al Gore & promises increased air taxes

The New Tory leader David Cameron has regularly displayed his Green credentials - if not historic conservative ones, as his record shows.  In the UK it is Cameron above all the major party leaders who has sought to put environmental issues at the top of his agenda. This weekend we learned that he has recruited enviro-activist Al Gore to the British Conservative Party Green  cause, so we can only expect yet more alarmism from the current CP leader.  I think he may find this counter-productive in the UK, such is the nature of Gore's pompous rhetoric.

But Cameron may just have come unstuck on the issue of air taxes aimed at curbing air travel.  (And, n0t to be left out in the  cold 'warm' , PM-elect Gordon Brown is set to make his own Green policy announcements this week, too.) 

Unsurprisingly, the airlines have hit back over Camerons' policy and this article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph points out that air taxes are neither likely to help the environment nor be a vote winner for Cameron's Tories. But they will, of course, make a bundle of (our) money for the government to spend.


Environmentalism is a religion, says Czech president

The Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, told an audience in the US on Friday:

"Environmentalism should belong in the social sciences," much like the idea of communism or other "-isms" such as feminism, Klaus said, adding that "environmentalism is a religion" that seeks to reorganize the world order as well as social behavior and value systems worldwide.

As for government spending on global warming studies, the former finance minister and of the Eastern European nation and trained economist said that such efforts were a "waste of money," adding that there was already sufficient scientific evidence for those seeking policy change to back up their proposals.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that those seeking to protect the environment could do a great deal under the existing political framework and with existing technologies, such as importing less goods from far-flung regions that require enormous jet fuel use.  For the full article go here

Hat tip: Mitch Persaud in Canada for this article.

"Pagan emptiness and fears about nature have led to hysteric and extreme claims about global warming. In the past, pagans sacrificed animals and even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel gods. Today they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions."

George, Cardinal Pell, in The Australian 10 May 2006 

Ed. Those who consider themselves 'non-religious' and 'purely scientific' thus question the use of such a quote should take a long hard look at the nature of environmnetalism as a movement and the high degree of 'religious' faith above pure science endemic in their belief system.  The fact is that every worldivew (and we all have one)  is 'religious', requiring a degree of faith and belief, whether we choose know it or not or choose to deny it or not.


The real cost of the biofuel rush: devastated rainforest

The rush for biodiesel products 'fuelled' by GW alarmism is destroying natural habitats and devastating rainforests as this article, 'Palm-oil frency taking toll on rainforests', warns us: 

"America's drive for energy independence and clean air could threaten orangutans, Sumatran tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses and the world's largest butterflies. All could be hurt as the rainforests of Southeast Asia are cleared to produce palm oil for use in biodiesel.

"It's the downside of the crash effort to rein in global warming."

Ed. Ironic, is it not?  And here is a much more devastating critique on the same issue at the excellent Energy Tribune.


Nature exposed as "against science" on famous gulf stream report

The film 'The Day After Tomorrow' spread alarm about the mythical threat to the gulf stream
magazine, which famously published an article claiming global warming was causing the "disappearance of the gulf stream", has been shown in this excellent The First Post article
not to have read the science data correctly.

I don't know how many times I have heard this issue raised purely on the basis of this single, well-publicized, article. And this is the problem, is it not?  The media takes a spurious science scare story. It headlines the story. People are shocked by the earth-shattering drama of what they hear. It sticks in the mind.  Now it proves terribly difficult to publicize the truth because no one, not least the irresponsible in the media,  wants to admit they were wrong.

And so the media and cultural myth lives on in the public memory - while the truth struggles to get heard.   That's why this site exists - and why I, as a writer who believe in integrity and truth in the public square of reason and real debate, struggle to get published (aimed at correcting these faults) in the MSM.  And so it goes.


UK TV's 'Great Global Warming Swindle' expose "excellent!"

Channel4.jpgLast night's first mainstream media TV expose on the UK's Channel 4 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' said it all - and well!

I can only hope this programme gets to be seen in America and elsewhere soon. Refusing to fall for the usual MSM nonsense of 'presenting both sides of the argument' (why the hell should they, the alarmists don't!) they made it plain that scientifically, economically and intellectually there is NO other side to the argument.

Richard Lindzen, Dr Tim Ball, S. Fred Singer, Roy Spencer (NASA), John Christy,  Phillip Stott and countless others. They were all given a voice, finally! And isn't that a terrible indictment of our current mass media that it took so long?  It even showed the gross fraud perpetrated by the UN in compiling the IPCC reports - and including names who did not agree with the findings as presented by the administrators, not the scientists!

You can actually buy videos direct from Channel 4 but I imagine a DVD will be out commercially directly. I will keep you informed. But how about badgering your TV networks to show it?  It literally does contains everything you will need to blow away all the feeble arguments the alarmists can put up.

One up in the MSM (finally) for the good guys, I think. 


Get ready for 'Climate Crisis Action Day' March 20

Environmentalists and liberal activists - why do these two ideologies always go together? - will be on the streets of Washington on March 2o as the first 'Climate Action Crisis Day'.

 "Visuals will include a giant inflatable earth on fire, hybrid cars, and thousands of advocates in crimson T-shirts," the news release said. Wait a minute...all these peoples, cars (being 'hybrid' they'll have to use their petrol to get them their) and the burning of a rubber globe...isn't that using the globe as fossil fuel? I thought this was billed as a "carbon-neutral global warming event"?

NB. Organisers have assured that no placard carrying polar bears have received any monies from Greenpeace (except to cover expenses of course, including: their expensive hotel stays, transport costs by private jet and a trip to see their relatives at the zoo.)   


Should we give a GW sucker an even break?

I think so. I sometimes am mortified by my own lack of empathy with the intellectual ability of GW alarmists. So I am very pleased here to be able to offer space for a list of their most pressing and valid arguments based in  the science, the economics and from intellectual reason:






Thankyou...and now let's hear what the weather's going to do today...


New Zealanders protest Kyoto taxes

You see, this is why I get upset with the "we should apply the precautionary principle" nitwits. In adopting their precautionary principle and acting against global warming by stopping our use of cheap fossil fuels to lower our carbon footprint and submit to paying Green taxes is in fact to de facto cede the argument to the alarmists. The trouble is, either the alarmists are right (and we should do all these things because the science IS settled) or, if the science does not support their case (and it plainly doesn't) then applying their "precautionary principle" will simply make us all poorer (through pointless Green taxes), impoverish our national economies, threaten the very lives of the world's poor (who can't develop) and put countless thousands out of work, amongst other things.

 That is precisely why these New Zealanders said "stuff your extremely expensive and costly precautionary principle and took to the streets to fight proposals for a batch of (entirely pointless - except to give governments a windfall) litany of Kyoto taxes.  Good for them!


Sports Illustrated gets GW hysteria

sportsill.jpgSports Illustrated is worried about ball games being washed out (or at least about losing ticket revenue) because of GW. Here are my tips for how the sports world can help prevent GW hysteria:

1. Put roofs on your stadia.
2. Keep taking the valium, coach.
3. Blame GW for everything. (It doesn't matter whether that's GW for global warming or for GW Bush. Both are bound to be involved in the dastardly plot to destroy the world somehow.)

And here's a meteorologists take on SI's (and the media's) contribution to saving the planet.


Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Mars are ALL warming

The sheer weight of evidence of warming via solar activity across the solar system is becoming impressive.

jupiter472.jpgPhotographs of the merging of two red spots (see photo left - specific evidence of temperature rise) on Jupiter, evidence of warming on Neptune's largest moon Triton, warming on Pluto that is "puzzling scientists" and, of course, the already documented warming trend on Mars all add up to convincing evidence for increased solar activity across the entire solar system.

Of course, the one exception to this solar system trend is...the earth...which alone among the planets, according to the Greens, is warming for a quite different reason (source: Planet Gore).

In addition the evidence from ice cores for a distinct correlation in the past between solar activity and warmer temperatures is outstanding (see below).

NB. This is of course is real science and empirical evidence so it will be of no interest whatsoever to environmentalists, who have an entirely different agenda.  (You are welcome to try informing the Planet Gorians about this evidence, but I think you might find they are teflon-coated 'anti-fact' beings. But you could try those who just want to know the truth.)

Hat tip: to Senator James Inhofe's Office & to the Strata-Sphere blog for the above. 


Climate Change is bad for your health - and society

Trips to Florida or other sunny climes are going to be of no use to us health-wise in the future because of climate change, The Australian newspaper implies. As it turns out, it seems, warmer climes are bad for your health. The article predicts climate change (and its insidious partner GW) will increase alcohol & drug use, family stress, smoking, infections & depression.

Now the last I can run with. All this talk of climate change and global warming dangers certainly depresses me. You see what I meant by yesterday's post about global warming replacing the 'love of money' as the root of all evil? Well the Australian 'bible' has now confirmed it, and, if you ask the omnipresent and all-powerful Al Ogre, he will reveal the truth of it to your soul.

Here endeth the Green lesson.


Czech PM doesn't want socialists running climate agenda

Following his president's remarks (alluding to Al Gore's obvious insanity - see posting last week) now the Czech PM has waded into the the climate controversy.  Here's an extract from the Prague Monitor:

Brussels, March 6 (CTK) - The problems of climatic changes must be taken up before the left-wing takes the initiative, Czech PM Mirek Topolanek said in Brussels today at a conference of the Movement for European Reform (MER), established by Topolanek's Civic Democrats (ODS) and the British Conservatives of David Cameron.  Global warming was one of the three major conference topics.

"This topic exists and it must be taken up in time before the Socialists do so and start allocating very valuable public resources in a wrong way," said Topolanek."

Ed. I've got news for Mr Topolonek the lunatics have already taken over the asylum which is now headed up by Al Gore. Welcome to the group taking to regain control with logic, reason and, oh yes, facts. I keep forgetting that one.  


Polar bear numbers have tripled, says new Canadian study

Far from warranting placement on the latest Green extinction list, a new Canadian study reveals that polar bear number in have tripled since the 1980s.  Though most Greens on Planet Gore are not particularly interested in facts, those of us who live on Planet Earth might might be pleased to be acquainted (and perhaps email friends) with this good news (unless you are a seal or PB fodder) from yesterday's National Post:

"Their status ranges from a "vulnerable" to "endangered" and could be declared "threatened" if the U.S. decides the polar bear is collateral damage of climate change. Nobody talks about "overpopulated" when discussing the bears' outlook.

"Yet despite the Canadian government 's $150-million commitment last week to fund 44 International Polar Year research projects, a key question is not up for detailed scientific assessment: If the polar bear is the 650-kilogram canary in the climate change coal mine, why are its numbers INCREASING?

"The latest government survey of polar bears roaming the vast Arctic expanses of northern Quebec, Labrador and southern Baffin Island show the population of polar bears has jumped to 2,100 animals from around 800 in the mid-1980s.

Even so, facts don't seem to weigh too heavily with Democrat Congressmen politicians from Seattle.

Ed. The only thing I don't understand is how you're supposed to get a polar bear down a mine shaft... 


Is global warming (not the love of money) the root of all evil?

Here's a batch of fascinating news reports on GW-associated issues that might interest you.

In a survey homeless families with children cited domestic violence and utility costs (energy) as the two most common factors when they described how they had became homeless.

Brothel owners in Bulgaria are blaming global warming for staff shortages.  

UK drivers may benefit from a 'carbon allowance' plan.  

The strongest March snowstorm to hit northeast China's Liaoning Province in 56 years has left at least one person dead and seven injured after the roof of an agricultural trade building collapsed under the weight of the snow.  

And the EU Industry Commissioner is getting nervous about global warming hysteria as it could hurst the EU economy further. Could this be because he's worried about a new survey reveals the EU economy is a staggering 22 years behind the US on economic growth?


Climate scientist Lindzen says climate change "part of nature"

Climate change is overblown and is part of a political agenda, according to climate scientist Richard Lindzen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

In an address to Coast Guard Academy cadets Lindzen referred to a "triangle of alarm," which is the process by which climate change is first supported by scientists through "meaningless and ambiguous statements," then advocated by the media and environmentalists through "alarmist declarations," which prompts politicians to approve taxpayer money to fund scientific research.

He also said repetition, showing what the possible catastrophic consequences could be and accepting the statements are true to prove a person is intelligent are marketing methods used to convince people.

He cited some scientists who have doubted climate change will have as large an impact as originally projected, include the French scientist Serge Galam.

Lindzen concluded the Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a "benign report," because it pulled back a few of its original forecasts. He also said the report does not match the opinion put forth by the summary -- which was put together by non-scientists -- that was recently made available to the public. He said he expected the report to be held for a few more months so modifications can be made.

Ed. The above is an extract from this article. 


CO2 claims by 'scientists' ignore basic Thermodynamics

"It has always been a mystery to me that anyone believes the rubbish that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are responsible for an increase in air temperature.  CO2 has a specific heat of 0.2 BTU per pound (of CO2) per degree F.Air has a specific heat of 0.25 BTU per pound (of air) per deg F.

"An increase of 100 ppm of CO2 is  'supposed to' gain heat from solar thermal radiation to increase air temperatures by one degree.  How is this possible?

"You need to transfer 250,000 BTU of heat to raise the temperature of one million pounds air one deg F. Adding 100 pounds of CO2 (100 ppm) gets you only 20 BTU for every one deg F temperature rise of CO2. It is silly to think that the Sun is going to warm CO2 to over 12,000 deg F.

"Isn't it odd that so called scientists choose to ignore basic Thermodynamics, unless such mundane subjects are no longer taught in our enlightened  schools."

Submitted to by semiconductor pioneer Julius Blank 


China set to pass US as world's largest emitter

mn_china.jpgWhat will America bashers do? China is  set to pass the USA as the world's greatest emitters of greenhouse gases. A report last by Beijing admitted this fact as the economy continues to expand at a red-hot pace.

China's top environmental official admitted Wednesday that the results show the government's environment agenda of the past few years has been ineffective. "Economic growth is still excessive ... and there is slow progress in restructuring obsolete and backward production capacity," said Zhou Shengxian, director of the State Environmental Protection Agency. "The magnitude of what's happening in China threatens to wipe out what's happening internationally," said David Fridley, leader of the China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

 So, will the enviro-thugs and global anti-American lobby turn their ire on China instead??? Did you hear that?  It was the sound of hell freezing over.


Seabed rock science confirms past climate variations

The South African News agency reports that seabed samples dug out of rocks reveal a surprising variation of world climate throughout its history.

"It's blown away the prevailing wisdom that we had a steady cold phase during this era," said Lothar Viereck-Goette, a professor at the University of Jena who is examining rock raised by the four-nation Antarctic Geological Drilling (Andrill) project. "That means that climate variation is something normal, not out of the ordinary," he said.

Those who have read Unstoppable Global Warming (see Books page) will know that this is actually yet more evidence from seabed sources for wide variations of the world's climate.


Climatologist spots serious error in recent IPCC report

Roger Pielke Snr., of the Climate Science Research Group, Colorado highlights what is a serious error in the recent IPCC Statement for Policymakers.  In his conclusion Mr Pielke notes:

"The IPCC finding that the total 2005 net anthropogenic radiative forcing has a best estimate of +1.6 Watts per meter squared and that the total 2005 net radiative forcing has a best estimate of +1.72 Watts per meter squared is inconsistent with the observed changes in upper ocean heat content. The omission of a discussion of the conflict between real world observations and the model estimates of radiative forcing is a serious error in the IPCC SPM.

For the full reference go here.  


A New Climate of Cool? have today published my article - that is the editor of this site - A New Climate of Cool?  The article reviews the recent new more reasoned, less alarmist tone introduced at the GLOBE forum in Washington.  If this tone is taken onboard at the upcoming G8 summit in June it will represent a cooler approach by at least some politicians. This can only be welcomed.

But the piece also reveals just what a bad month February was for GW alarmists generally.