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UK Shale Tax Breaks Exposes Coalition Tensions

The US is sitting on a "new North Sea" of natural gas ... but ideological differences are seeing the Lib Dems dragging their feet while the Conservatives are wanting to push ahead for the good of the economy.

My article articulates the issue. Published here at Trending Central (my new UK home as contributing editor specialising in geopolitics, energy, environment and markets) and here at Energy Tribune (US).


Media 'Green Wars' Break Out

It seems the Guardian is opposed to proper media debate over green policies - and would like the rest of the news media to shut up and stump up billions for them.

My article, just published at Trending Central, makes it only too clear. For the full article go here. But here's a taster:

The Guardian’s Don’t underestimate rightwing desperation in media attacks on greens was penned by the aptly named Tom Burke. The author had in the crosshairs “influential journalists” at The Times, the Telegraph and the Financial Times (with ‘honorable mentions’ for the dailies Mail and Express). All are accused of writing articles “blaming the environment community for our current woes”. The “environment community”, presumably an exclusive club which alone cares about our environment, is concerned that much of the news media is mounting a “sustained attack on environmentalism”. But Mr Burke, it seems, has a very short memory.


Trending Central: a great new news & analysis site


BP and Union Carbide: A Tale of American Hypocrisy

Enough is enough, America in the BP witch-hunt. It's beginning to sound lile anti-British xenophobia as new lawsuits are threatened - yet fraudulent claims have been found to be made. For the full article go here.


UK Shale Gas Estimate Goes Stratospheric

A Cuadrilla 'frack' drilling footpad in LancashireHere's my take (just published) on today's major government announcement about the latest upgraded estimate fore the potential 'goldmine' of shale gas beneath the UK. For the full article go here. And here's a taster:

The figures for potential UK shale gas reserves just went stratospheric. The UK Government has now confirmed the much-rumoured finding that UK shale gas resources are potentially huge – as much as twice the size of the highest previous assessment.

According to the British Geological Survey report which focuses on just one shale gas play, the Bowland Shale in the UK north-west, the basin could hold as much as 1300 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – while the upper figure potential suggests 2000tcf.


The Great Renwables Scam Unravels

A piece of mine that 'hit got a lot of air play' net-wise last week.  It is a truly monumental idiocy that keeps the renewables fantasy 'afloat'. For the full article go here or here. But here's a taster:

Energy insiders have long known that the notion of ‘renewable energy’ is a romantic proposition – and an economic bust. But it is amazing what the lure of guaranteed ‘few strings attached’ government subsidies can achieve. Even the Big Oil companies bought into the renewables revolution, albeit mostly for PR reasons. Like Shell, however, many quickly abandoned their fledgling renewable arms. Post-2008, they knew, the subsidy regimes could not last. Neither was the public buying into the new PR message.

Now it was just a question of time before Europe’s world leading pioneers of solar and wind power, Germany and the UK, decided they had had enough of the self-inflicted economic pain. And all the signs are – as Germany’s solar sector just went belly up and the UK is made aware of how much every wind job actually costs – that the slow implosion of the renewables revolution is under way.


UK Government Still Dithering on "New North Sea" of Gas

Just published here at Energy Tribune (US) with a version here The Commentator (UK)...

Here's a taster:

It’s hard to fathom. In March 2013, the UK, Europe’s largest gas consuming nation, was reportedly just just “six hours from running out” of natural gas. With North Sea gas production falling and gas imports hitting a record high during the fifth coldest spring on record, the country’s dependence on overseas supplies is growing steadily. All of which has re-focused attention on the coalition’s dithering over the UK’s potential “new North Sea” of shale gas.


Big Green, Not Big Oil, Is The Enemy

Big Green has become Big Business and is dragging down our economy. Our piece just published at The Commentator spells it out. And here's a taster:

As Peter Lilley MP noted in a Spectator article (May 11, 2013) powerful NGOs are actually heavily funded by government – and they waste no time in using that income for spreading climate scare stories through the media; scare stories that rarely, if ever, bear close scrutiny. Yet, the WWF receives a huge £4million in UK government support, with a further €600,000 coming from the EU. Friends of the Earth Europe receive a massive £1.2 million from the EU.

Let’s get it straight, Big Green is Big Business. Next time you are moved to pitch your ‘hard-earned’ cash into a tin shaken before you while being regaled with a nonsense message – e.g. that carbon dioxide is a ‘pollutant’ – you might like to bear that in mind.


Fracking Energy Mess: Deconstructing the Green Agenda

Actually a variant with additions on Europe's Fracing Energy Mess published last week. For this full article go here.


Europe's Fracking Energy Mess

Go here to my column at The Commentator (UK) or here to my column at Energy Tribune (US) for the full article.


Carbon Emissions Hit 400ppm. So what?

My latest article dumps on the nitwit theories about CO2 emissions. Further, it points out that far from being higher they have been much higher in the past. The ancient Egyptians driving SUV's perhaps?

For the full article go to The Commentator (UK) or to Energy Tribune (US).


The World is Not Running Out of Oil - But Europe Is

The upshot of Europe's incoherent energy strategy is closing my article published at Energy Tribune (US) and The Commentator (UK) reveals. Here's a taster:

It’s almost as if the world is turning while the Eurocracy, somehow, manages to stand still. While the rest of the world recognises the on-going inherent reality that oil is still an indispensable player, ideological Brussels politicians prefer playing with windmills and funny plastic sheets.

The great petroleum geologist Wallace Pratt said, "Oil is found in the minds of men". He was referring to the theory of making new discoveries. In the case of Eurocrats, however, it’s more of a practical observation.


The Coming Arab Winter

The final part of our trilogy on the fast- changing face of geopolitics in the Middle East - the direct result of energy discoveries (not least via fracking) is published here at The Commentator (UK) and here at Energy Tribune (US).


OPEC Fracked (or 'The Collapse of OPEC Power')

The days when OPEC could hold the Western powers to ransom over oil are over - and here's why.

See my article here at The Commentator or here at Energy Tribune (slightly different versions).


Fracking: No Earthquake Threat, says Definitive British Study

My article covering this latest study of fracking and its consequences globally.

Go here to Energy Tribune (US) for the full article or here to The Commentator (UK).


Margaret Thatcher: Death of a Political Colossus

I remember well the 1970s. The country was in a desperate economic plight. The unions were demanding ludicrous pat rises of 30 percent and upwards. Union leaders were constantly at No 10 demanding this and that. Maggie changed all that and, quite literally, saved the country from becoming an economic basket case.

The idiot National and Union of Students (among others) out celebrating her demise today are too dumb to grasp any of this. It is wealth creation through capitalized enterprise and self-reliance not an entitlement culture and every-increasing welfare and government dependency that helps people to draw themselves out of poverty. Margaret Thatcher understood that. When she took office unemployment was 13 percent in the UK! When she left office around 5.5 percent. Think about it.

Rest in peace, Maggie. For my published article and elegy go to Energy Tribune (US) or to The Commentator (UK).


Israel's Rise to Energy Superpower Under Way

A major shift away from the power of the OPEC 'tyrannies' is under way as Israel's enormous gas and oil finds start to pump. And it's only the beginning of a paradigm shift "West" in terms of great energy security in the West.

For the full article go here to Energy Tribune (US) or here to The Commentator (UK).


Russia's New Middle East Energy Game

A story overshadowed by the Cyprus banking crisis that is the real BIG story impacting the geopolitcs of the Middle East - and which most of the media has missed. Here's a taster:

But if anything offers a litmus test for trends in hard-nosed realpolitik, it’s the cutting of strategic international energy deals. While the Western media persists in warning of apocalyptic consequences should Iran’s nuclear ambitions lead to outright conflict with Israel – a conflict drawing in Russia et al. – an entirely different scenario is developing as Moscow is buying long-term into the Israeli-Cypriot gas and oil energy bonanza.

For the full article go to Energy Tribune (US) or The Commentator (UK).


UK Steals Lead Over Europe in Shale Gas Stakes

The Budget morsel most of the media missed in terms of its vital long-term impact on the UK economy covered in the above article from me.

For the full article go here to The Commentator (UK).


The Green Agenda and the Political Tipping Point

One government has already been brought down by its green policies. Others may soon article spelling it out. Go here for the full article to Energy Tribune.