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Gaza Palestinians' Self-inflicted Energy Misery

My latest piece just published at my Trending Central column - go here for the full article - spells out how most of the Gaza Palestiian misery is self-inflicted.

Sitting on billions in potential income from natural gas as Gaza is...its what happens when you vote in a murderous terrorist regime that insists on bombing its neighbours. Here's a taster:

Even the EU’s own auditors recognise it is a scandal that cannot go on. According to a BBC report, the European Union (EU) still funds Gaza’s non-working civil servants – a full seven years after Hamas won power and placed them on ‘gardening leave’. Needless to say, the pro-Palestinian BBC report makes much of the poverty and hardship being suffered in Gaza today, and thus the on-going need for foreign aid. What the report doesn’t say however is that the misery of the Gaza Palestinians is entirely self-inflicted. Not least as billions in natural gas revenue lies just offshore.

It is estimated that Gaza has an offshore natural gas energy resource worth around $4 billion.  While the massive gas discoveries off Israel are proving to be world class, Gazans could well be looking to their own energy good fortune and a bright future. Yet abject poverty and hopelessness prevails. The standard explanation by many Arabs and the liberal Western media is to depict the Palestinians as in a permanent state of Israeli-inflicted victimhood. The truth is that Gaza is the poster child for all that is wrong with Islamism, as exemplified by Gaza’s governing party, Hamas.

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