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Worstall, Carbon Tax and Floating Polar Bear Syndrome

Tim Worstall strikes again - in his Telegraph blog pushing the 'alternative' idiocy of a carbon 'poll' tax instead of the current raft of green taxes. We need rid ourselves of both, in truth.

For the full article go here at The Commentator (UK) or here to Energy Tribune (US). But here's a taster:

Worstall’s case is that a simple bureaucratic change of tack to manipulate the free marketplace is the way to go to achieve the goal: state manipulation of the climate.

Not exactly the kind of argument I ever expected a committed free marketeer to make. No wonder University of Houston Professor, Larry Bell, commenting on the new bipartisan mood for compromise among some conservatives in the U.S., tags Carbon Taxomania: “stupidity-on-steroids”.

The fact is that we need to rid ourselves entirely of a plague of green taxes which are having zero impact in the pointless war on a harmless trace and minor greenhouse gas.

Arguing for a state intervening substitution of one failed bureaucratic tax system for another merely avoids facing the real scientific conundrum Warmists are avoiding: How is it that CO2 emissions have continued to rise exponentially while the global average temperature has not risen for 15 years?

Ah, the floating polar bear

But I must mention one other thing in connection with Worstall’s Telegraph missive. Next time such a piece is in the offing, it might be an idea to ensure that it isn’t totally undermined by a dim-witted sub-editor including the iconic green propagandist tool: the image of a polar bear ‘cast adrift’ on an Arctic ice floe.

Yes, his piece is captioned with riotous pomposity: “The man from Whitehall cannot protect this polar bear”.  Ah yes, FPBS – floating polar bear syndrome! The fact is that polar bears can swim. There’s nothing the cuddly imps love more than jumping onto and riding around on ice floes. It’s what polar bears do for fun.

Reader Comments (2)

Where goes the border between international corporat tax planning and tax fraud, or is it constantly moving as laws are changing?

September 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSwedish company

Senator Al Franken submits Climate Justice Tax proposal

In the wake of President Obama's Inaugural Address spelling out his goals of seeking immediate and drastic Climate Change measures, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has picked up the torch on the political climate front and is submitting his Climate Justice Tax Bill to the Senate. "This proposal will bridge the gap for those suffering from weather disasters Republicans have caused," Franken said in his press release. "and push forward legislation to assure a fair Climate Justice Tax so the rights of those in affected regions are protected and can get the help they need."

A tax code formula was created to calculate the amount by multiplying temperature, wind, and humidity, all available data from each taxpayer's zip code (T x W x H = Amount). As Franken states, "it would penalize the comfortable and reward the afflicted," by providing financial assistance to those dealing with, he continued, "severe weather, intolerable heat, dangerous winds, intense cold, extreme dew points and other weather related factors". Those in 'Comfort Zones' areas that enjoy average temps in the 60º to 80º range would be taxed the most under his proposal that is lauded by former Vice President Al Gore.

According to the 520 page bill outlining dozens of scenarios, taxpayers who experience 32º freezing weather conditions would pay no tax during the cold period. If the temperature drops below freezing, they would receive a check. The lower the temperature becomes and dangerous wind chills indexes increase, the larger the check from the Federal Government. Those who endure temperatures above an acceptable heat index, dew point and 90º temperature, would also trigger subsidies from the Federal Government with larger checks for those in increasingly higher temperature regions. Special compensation is made for victims of storms, droughts, floods etc.

Senator Franken believes the Climate Justice Tax Initiative would level the playing field, incentivize, and make it more desirable to those living in Climate Challenged 'Hot Zones' and 'Cold Zones' to cope with staying in these regions. Embarrass, Minnesota resident Jeffrey Tuculd explained that, "I considered moving from this frozen tundra of a state, but with Senator Franken's legislation, I may save enough on taxes for a vacation south to Iowa or Missouri where it's a few degrees warmer in the winter."

Franken concluded his message with, "We have no time left to act. The time for Climate Justice is now!", as he prepares to introduce his climate bill next week that even has Republican deniers ready to negotiate a deal to allow exemptions for the rich who own multiple residences. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the 2012 Rubber Dodo Award winner as presented by the Center for Biological Diversity, said "We [deniers] can't allow the weather to dictate legislation that would put our economy at risk and force people into climates they are unwilling to accept."

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the crisis over Climate Change has reached a tipping point where skeptics like Inhofe are at least willing to reach a compromise on tough new measures to deal with weather related globalism.

January 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTom Brewitz

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