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Climate Activist Nitwits Think There Are Polar Bears in Antarctica

You'd think that when they are trying to get their sensationalist claims about alleged global warming (which actually hasn't happened at all in 15 years now) they would at least illustrate their case with a fact or two. Unfortunately, so intent are they on their fact-less ideological spin they locate polar bears in the wrong hemisphere. Check it out for yourself herePriceless!

And just in case you think me uncaring about polar's just one of the photos greensists and dim-witted news editors like to wheel out to illustrate the alleged plight of polar bears.


Aaah....but, unfortunately for greens polar bears are actually thriving as countless reports have shown since the first green  alarm sounds a decade ago alerted us to the facts that they were no longer in one Arctic bay; it turned out they'd simply adapted and moved elsewhere, sadly, too late to quell the senasationalist headlines that persist to today.

Oh, and one other thing they omit to mention: polar bears can swim. And one of their favourite pastimes? Jumping on to ride on passing ice floes. But hey, let's not facts get in the way of a good story.

Cuddly aren't they? Polar bears,that is, not greens - they're downright  dangerous.  

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    Climate Activist Nitwits Think There Are Polar Bears in Antarctica - BLOG - Global Warming Hysteria
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