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Debunking the Great Carbon Tax Hype

The above article from me now published here at Energy Tribune (US), here at The Commentator (UK) and here at the Canada Free Press.

It reveals how the alleged 'third way' carbon tax- as proposed by those like the Adam Smith Institute's Timw Worstall - is just another climate alarmist 'Warmist' hype. Here's a taster:

Britain (and Germany’s) anti-carbon war has actually succeeded only in hiking taxes, providing a windfall for government, driving up energy costs, hobbling industry competitiveness, costing jobs and dumping half a million people into fuel poverty while having precisely zero impact on carbon emissions. Tim Worstall’s ‘solution’ proposes the assimilation of the pestilence of (failed and financially sapping) green taxes into a socially ubiquitous carbon ‘poll’ tax toward, as even Worstall admits, is an entirely “uncertain” end of ‘man-made’ climate manipulation.

Or put more succinctly: translate the unworkable into the unacceptable to achieve the delusional.

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Where goes the border between tax planning and tax fraud, or is it constantly moving as laws are changing?

August 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSwedish company

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