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US Shale's Seismic Success Shakes Kremlin

My latest just published here at The Commentator. Here's a taster:

The seismic tremors of the US shale gas boom are not only rattling the Kremlin’s confidence in the future of Russia’s energy empire, but they could prove fatal to the country’s gas giant, Gazprom.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, with the formerly “unthinkable” scenario of U.S. energy independence becoming a serious proposition, “Russia could be the big loser”. Official EU energy policy has long been to wean the continent off its ‘addiction’ to imported Russian gas – and the political leverage this offers Moscow.

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I have come to the conclusion that we all have a little blame global warming and its consequences and guilt even more politicians who do not slow down.

March 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnny

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