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Anti-Frackers case more about emotionism than facts

My latest for my Breitbart London column just published as titled above. What the greens and local resdient 'ostriches' don't know...or won't engage with.

For the full article go here to my column at Breitbart London, but here's a taster:

Enough is enough. The phoney debate over fracking (the hydraulic fracturing mining method to extract shale gas and oil) has gone on long enough. There is simply nothing to debate.

The fracking technique has been around for over 60 years without causing any major environmental problems. That's a little tit-bit of information about which the mainstream media appears woefully ignorant.

In fact, fracking has been the mainstay technique associated with all mining - literally millions of drilling events - throughout that entire perio


Putin's Real Great Game: Energy Imperialism

My latest article just published at Breitbart London (as titled above) reveals two key perspectives you won't find anywhere else in themedia coverage.

First, that Western leaders are reading Putin wrongly - its all about energy imperialism not protecting Russians...and, how sanctions won;t work but I spell out a proven way that will!

For the full article go here.


Scottish Independence and the Oil: So what's the bottom line?

My latest article for Breitbart London shows why Scotland's offshore oil is far better off in the hands of a UK government. For the full article go here, but here's a taster:

What really matters to them is solely the potential for lower taxes to attract more exploration and sustainable development. And that is where the wheel's start to come off for the "It's Scotland's oil" bandwagon. Because all the evidence suggests that a future independent Scottish Government would find itself under immense pressure to boost oil revenue income to pay for the country's expensive socialist ambitions.

Scotland is a socialist country. Indeed, the UK's Celtic tradition has been singularly responsible for overruling England's inherent Anglo-Saxon conservatism and putting socialist UK governments in place.

Just why Celtic society which so cherishes the belief that it is truly 'independently-minded' (note the outright opposition to Rome's version of Christianity when Augustine landed on these shores in the sixth century) has become so radically Big Government and Entitlement Culture orientated is a story for another day.

The fact is, an independent Scotland is not going to change its political and socialist spots. Welfare and entitlement continue to be front and centre, a direction the SNP is set on pursuing if Scotland goes it alone.

And that will mean intense pressure to increase the tax burden, above all via oil revenues, 90 percent of which would then lie within a Scottish Government's control.

Being a more mixed economy, a UK Government would have the capacity to do what it is doing with shale gas, create a much more attractive lower tax regime better able to generate a culture of investment incentivisation that would benefit the UK and Scottish peoples for decades to come.


Fifth Mega Windfarm Project Scrapped in Just Three Months

Just published my latest piece at my colum for Breitbart London revealing the bigger picture behind why windfarm projects are biting th edust at a rate of knots. Just as predicted, once politicos grasped the generous subsidies to support them could never be reduced.

Here's a taster:

At root is what formerly ideologically green Eurocrats have been forced to admit are the unsustainable "staggering costs" of wind, solar and other renewable energy subsidies. While energy insiders have warned for years that renewable energy projects would never pay their way, the hard-hitting reality has finally begun to dawn on politicians feeling the hot breath of their electorates as the cost of energy has risen steadily to the top of the democratic agenda.

For the full article go here to Breitbart London.


Gaza Palestinians' Self-inflicted Energy Misery

My latest piece just published at my Trending Central column - go here for the full article - spells out how most of the Gaza Palestiian misery is self-inflicted.

Sitting on billions in potential income from natural gas as Gaza is...its what happens when you vote in a murderous terrorist regime that insists on bombing its neighbours. Here's a taster:

Even the EU’s own auditors recognise it is a scandal that cannot go on. According to a BBC report, the European Union (EU) still funds Gaza’s non-working civil servants – a full seven years after Hamas won power and placed them on ‘gardening leave’. Needless to say, the pro-Palestinian BBC report makes much of the poverty and hardship being suffered in Gaza today, and thus the on-going need for foreign aid. What the report doesn’t say however is that the misery of the Gaza Palestinians is entirely self-inflicted. Not least as billions in natural gas revenue lies just offshore.

It is estimated that Gaza has an offshore natural gas energy resource worth around $4 billion.  While the massive gas discoveries off Israel are proving to be world class, Gazans could well be looking to their own energy good fortune and a bright future. Yet abject poverty and hopelessness prevails. The standard explanation by many Arabs and the liberal Western media is to depict the Palestinians as in a permanent state of Israeli-inflicted victimhood. The truth is that Gaza is the poster child for all that is wrong with Islamism, as exemplified by Gaza’s governing party, Hamas.


Why Big Energy Is More Deserving of Respect

Why politicians and the media get it wrong in villifying Big Energy spelled out in my latest article here at Trending Central. Here's A taster:

Joe Public rarely understands economics. Even less the economics of energy. Unfortunately, this makes Joe particularly vulnerable to the vote-grabbing posturing inherent in Ed Miliband’s threat to “freeze energy prices”. Miliband’s announcement has already succeeded in wiping £11bn off the value of energy stocks in October and November alone. And if Labour were to win the next election, it’s a tactic that will continue to scare off energy investment. That’s not good news for any of us.



Bad Green Investments are Already Beginning to Break

My latest published at my Trending Central column (as titled above). For the full article go here but here's a taster:

The UK is not alone amongst democratic governments fearful of an electoral backlash over the heavy tax burden green energy commitments carry. The German Chancellor is facing pressure from its energy sector to review energy subsidies. Poland is proposing a switch from green certificates to competitive bidding. And, most famously, Australia is drafting legislation to abolish the country’s carbon pricing mechanism in 2014 in a bid to assuage the palpable anger over soaring energy prices.

It is going to be extremely interesting to see how UK Chancellor George Osborne squares this particular circle in his upcoming autumn budget statement. Especially as it is already known that Osborne is looking to transfer the £1.6 billion cost of the energy companies renewable energy obligation away from household energy bills.  Yet Osborne, if not energy secretary Ed Davey, is only too aware how green energy subsidy has become a destructive “political football” for those parties in denial over public anger at the ‘unnecessary’ and unaffordable green levy on energy prices.


The 'Dirty' Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

If you think that the movement to divest investments away from fossil fuels/hydrocarbons is a moral one you need to read this.

My latest published here at Trending Central (UK) and here at Energy Tribune (US).


The Greenpeace 30 made their prison bed - let them lie in it

My latest 'lamenting' the plight of the poor dear Greenpeace 30 (don't their bosses issue balaclavas to keep them warm anymore?).

For the full article (and my preferred title) go here to Energy Tribune (US) or here to'Greenpeace's lesson in Russian Realpolitik' at my column at Trending Central (UK).


Mini-Nuclear Reactors & the New Power Game

It's potentially a real breakthrough: mini-nuclear reactors. While it'll take up to ten years for them to become a viable commercial propostion, that's still earlier than the likely date (2023) the new Hickley Point C will come online in the UK. Equally, the costs involved lliterally blow away those for the new offshore mega-windfarms.

For the full article go here to Energy Tribune (US) or here to Trending Central (UK).


Grangemouth & the "victory" for the unions

Unbelievable. What any rational mind mind conceive to be a humilitaion for the Unite Union the BBC was able to spin as a "bittersweet victory". Its a real insight into what I have always thought was a surreal aspect of leftist thinking. This piece saying as much was intended as a first for my new blog "GloverWires" at Trending Central. Why not keep up with it! Go here.


Dismantling the West's Energy-Climate Paradigm (and Folly)


The same article with different title spelling out why the West's prevailing belief that energy security and climate theory are of equal importance - with the unintended consequences of that belief.For the full article go to:

Dismantling the West's Energy-Climate Paradigm (Energy Tribune, US) or to Europe's Energy Folly is the Berlin Wall of Today (Trending Central, UK).

And here's a taster:

All the signs are, when it comes to the fundamentally key national issue of energy security, that the world’s leading Western economies have forsaken the best interests of the people. They have done so by confusing (energy) reality and (climate) theory as being of the same magnitude. As Einstein put it, “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

Former UK Chancellor Lord Nigel Lawson put his finger on the nub of the matter writing in House Magazine recently. Lawson pointed out that when he was Secretary of State for Energy some 30 years ago “the purpose of energy policy was to ensure a reliable supply of energy, for business and households alike, at the lowest possible cost.” Today, as he rightly observes, “the sole purpose” of the UK’s new Energy Bill – “the worst within living memory” – “is to enable the UK to reach the ambitious decarbonisation targets enshrined in Labour’s Climate Change Act.”

In pursuit of compliance with European Union (EU) directives, we might add. But Lawson’s observations could just as easily apply to the inherent contradictions endemic in the energy-climate beliefs of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and the (unelected) elites at the European Commission (EC) or the United Nations (UN).


Ten Fracking Facts Everyone Should Know

Just published at my Trending Central column my article spelling out how the good people in the sleepy English shires urgently need to be educated about the fracking facts before taking to the streets to protest...

For the full article go here - but here's a taster:

In all its essentials, the entire anti-fracking movement has its head where the sun doesn’t shine. Here are just ten reasons why:

  1. Hydraulic fracking has been around for 60+ years.  Developments made by U.S. engineers around 2008-9 (enabling horizontal fracturing) simply made the process much more commercially viable;
  2. Since fracking was introduced in 1949, well over 2 million frack treatments have been pumped without a single documented case of treatments polluting a water aquifer;
  3. 90 percent of all gas wells drilled in the United States since 1949 have been fracked;

"Climate Change" and the Complicit Media

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The role being played by a compliant mass media failing to do its job by asking the right difficult questions of a bunch of researchers with a vested interested in climate scaremongering ought to be under closer scrutiny. My article focuses on the issue.

For the full article go here to my column at Trending Central. And here's a taster:

Eugenics postulated that a crisis of the gene pool was leading to a deterioration of the human race. Scientists, politicians and the media (how could they question the ‘experts’?) all bought into it. Crichton argued the analogy with the climate debate is far from being superficial. As he pointed out, in each case an “Open and frank discussion of the data is being suppressed” and that “leading scientific journals have taken strong editorial positions … which they have no business doing” and with scientists afraid to dissent publicly for fear of media ridicule. The Climategate exposé alone makes it abundantly clear that all of the same “alarmist” and “consensus” factors skewing the truth are currently in play.  

Why the ridiculous “95 percent certainty” of and highly politicised UNIPCC is still considered worthy of serious consideration in the realm of genuine scientific clarity remains a mystery.

One thing is clear however: the IPCC’s unconvincing climate cluelessness is now being reflected in poll after poll. Joe Public, at least, increasingly smells a rat in what the UNIPCC is shovelling its way – even if the aroma is yet to infiltrate the offices of an durably gullible MSM. 


Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

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The UN IPPC climate paradigm is in crisis - as the upcoming Fifth Assessment report makes clear. To the discerning reader that is. Do not depend on the MSM to do its job when it surfaces on September 27.

For the full article go here to Trending Central (UK) or here to Energy Tribune (US).


Greens Anti-Coal War Turns Heat on World's Poor

My latest article revealing how greens and the green agenda could not care less about the impact of their lobbying and policies on the world's poor.For the full article go to my column here at Trending Central or here at Energy Tribune (US).  Here's a taster:

If ever proof were needed that capitalism works for the interest of the poorest and most vulnerable (and for all of us) while leftist social engineering works against those interests, consider the escalating ‘greenist’ war on coal.

It’s a war being conducted from the very top. President Obama, the European Union, even the United Nations are among those doing their level best to prevent the exploitation of one of the most ubiquitous, and thus cheap, energy resources available to us. In vain pursuit of controlling the global climate via the doomed war on man-made carbon dioxide emissions, social engineers are prepared to ignore both the economy-busting cost and, ultimately, the human cost.


The Upcoming UN IPCC Report's Mann-Made Cluelessness

The headlines will soon be full of a new apocalypse...climate that is, as the fifth UN IPCC report is published. Here's my published trailer putting the total BS it is replete with in perspective....

Here's a taster:

Steel yourself. A work of epic and apocalyptic proportions is soon to dominate your evening viewing. Not Russell Crowe’s upcoming portrayal of Noah as (laughably) “the world’s first environmentalist”, but an epic set to regale us with dark tales of coastal cities and islands submerging beneath the waves. A tale of entire species, including mankind, coming under threat; of polar bears without ice floes to play on, whilst they too face extinction. 

And it is all due to Mann-made – that’s Dr Michael Mann, by the way – global warming. Even though the globe has singularly failed to experience any warming for 16 years now; a singularly pivotal fact that the upcoming report is at a loss to explain.

For the full article, go here to my column at Trending Central.


Europe's Leading Renewable: The Law of Unintended Consequences

My latest article shows the serious unintended economic and energy consequences favouring non-viable renewable energy is having in the leading European economies. Here's a taster:

Not only is the hindering of fossil fuel generated power generation forcing a worrying trend in the early closure of national power plants – threatening power outages – it is also reducing the commercial viability of manufacturers in the global marketplace. From Australia to the United States to Asia, observers are increasingly noting how Europe has become the benchmark for how-not-to play the global power game.

Time and again I have had cause to point out how the European Union’s dual energy and environment policies are, fundamentally, at odds with one another. While polls have shown many Europeans approve of a switch to ‘cleaner energy’, they are now revealing a marked reluctance to pay for it.

For the full article go here to Trending Central (UK) or here to Energy Tribune (US).


Fracking and the Rise of the Anglosphere

The above article from me is now published here in full at Trending Central.What it plainly shows is just ONE further major benefit of the fracking/shale gas (and oil) revolution.

Here's a taster:

The cultural ideals listed for the Anglosphere are the antithesis of many of those experienced under European-style socialism. Clearly, demographic trends show that people increasingly want to live where greater personal freedoms are guaranteed. Equally business investment flourishes where free market capitalism, not ideological government writ, calls the shots.

If the noble ideals Bennett identifies are fuelling the Anglosphere’s burgeoning per capita wealth, continuing and growing investment in fracking-associated domestic energy development should mean one thing: more power to it.


Wind Energy: The Greenfellas Connection

The growing attraction of profligate government green energy 'largesse' to organised crime. It's proving an offer the Mafia just can't refuse. Here's a taster:

As I have noted previously in The Corruption of Wind Energy, all wind entrepreneurs are not among “the Sopranos”. But the days when green tariffs on energy bills can be obfuscated may be number. The UK Government, for instance, is currently demanding more openness in showing the elements that make up domestic and business energy bills.

That should help to expose the every-increasing economic “social levy” green energy imposes on the taxpaying energy user. Equally, it will expose just how wholly dependent the wind and renewable industry is on the continuing ‘milk of government kindness.’

For the full article go here to Energy Tribune (US) or here to Trending Central (UK).